Top Columbus Dog Trainers

Sheila H. Ferguson CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, Dip Animal Behavior Technology
Educated in Professional Science Based training and Behavior Modification techniques. Certified through and independent certifying body, Sheila brings her expertise and 35yrs experience to each client/pet relationship.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 267-7254

The K9 Guy
The K9 Guy provides in home dog training, behavior modification, basic through advanced obedience, and other professional canine services throughout the Columbus and Central Ohio area.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 987-7495

National K-9 Learning Center
The National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio was founded in 1975 and today is regarded as a leader within the fields of dog training, behavior modification, and dog trainer education.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 864-8808

Acme Canine
We help Columbus area dog owners and dog enthusiasts with their bond and behaviors through all lifestages of their canine relationship, including potential ownership to throughout the dog's life.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (740) 548-1717

Complete Canine of Columbus
Our mission is to provide knowledgeable, caring and respectful training to make a difference. Creating confident and understanding relationships between owners and their pets.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 430-9303

Crawford's Canine Services
Rick Crawford is a certified training professional specializing in private, in-home training, behavioral solutions and problem solving. Rick teaches from the dog's point of view to help you become a better "pack leader".
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 253-4276