Top Miami Dog Trainers

Master's Professional Dog Training Academy
We provide both small group classes and one-on-one training in your home. Whether in a group class or one-on-one, professional trainer Johnnye Fountain will teach you how to train your dog and reinforce that training over the long run.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 255-6851

Tropical Dog Training
At Tropical Dog Training we believe that your dog is an important member of the family. A dog trained by Tropical Dog Training comes when called, walks nice on a leash, stops barking when told, sits, lies down, stays and is attentive to the owner.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (786) 999-4731

The Well Heeled Dog, LLC
Located in Miami, Florida, The Well Heeled Dog, LLC is dedicated to improving the communication and relationships between dogs and their owners. Our approach to dog training is based on the dog’s individual personality, past experiences, learning ability, breed, social development and the goals of the family.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 968-4322

Completely Canine
Our trainers are well versed in: all levels of obedience, housebreaking and puppy training, resolving problem behaviors, solving aggression, relieving anxiety, confidence building for the shy/nervous dog, show and competition preparation, tricks and fun stuff, and puppy selection.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 444-1911