Top New Orleans Dog Trainers

Upward Dog Training & Counseling
Gallivan Burwell is Louisiana's only graduate of the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers in San Francisco, and one of only four Louisiana trainers to have earned the"Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed" credential from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
Location : New Orleans, LA
Phone : (504) 701-1133

JCM's All Breed Dog Obedience School
JCM's 8 week basic group course is a complete Obedience program which includes behavior training, voice commands, hand signals, and both on and off-leash training. This training program is based on dog psychology and taught from the dog's perspective.
Location : New Orleans, LA
Phone : (504) 838-8605

Veterinary Behavior Consultations, LLC
A professional veterinary medicine corporation dedicated to helping pet owners and veterinarians control undesirable behavioral disorders & training problems. Using scientifically proven methods and techniques, it is possible to efficiently change troublesome behaviors of animals without using punishment.
Location : New Orleans, LA
Phone : (504) 392-3411