Top Omaha Dog Trainers

Companion Dog Club
From puppy kindergarten to advanced training, we offer several levels of classes aimed at a variety of needs:from the pet owner who wants a well mannered member of their household to the person preparing to compete in the obedience ring. In addition to our obedience classes,we also offer agility classes.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 572-7276

Here at BonaFide, we are changing the way people and dogs live together. Our innovative training programs, developed by nationally certified professional dog trainers, teach you how to understand, appreciate and train your dog to be an enjoyable canine family member.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 250-9452

Nebraska Humane Society
At the Nebraska Humane Society we are experts at solving your pet problems. Whether it’s the behavior blues like chewing or scratching or important information on nail trims and nutrition, our advice is straight from the horse’s mouth!
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 444-7800