Top Portland Dog Trainers

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training
Our positive, practical methods make your dog want to work for you, showing you how to teach your dog appropriate manners and eliminate unwanted behaviors – without the need of force or harsh punishments.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 731-8774

My Dog Walker, My Dog Trainer LLC
Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people and their dogs with health and peace of mind by engaging in quality vigorous walks, supervised play exercise, and easy, effective dog training.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 313-9660

Townhouse Pet Care
My name is Kim and I am the head dog trainer. I combine years of experience in animal behavior to assist dog owners with both obedience and behavioral issues. My most rewarding and challenging training experience was owning and operating Blue Buck Kennel, an all-breed rescue organization.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 230-9596

Canine Classroom
Steve Fuller, owner and trainer of the Canine Classroom, has over 30 years experience in professional dog training and has helped over ten thousand dogs and owners. Referrals are 70% of our business which makes service our highest priority.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 291-1992

Play and Chase Dog Care
Play and Chase Dog Care provides a fun, safe and stimulating environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention! We also offer a variety of other services including grooming, training, and an assortment of retail items.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 246-3647