Top Sacramento Dog Trainers

Value Dog Training
My programs are designed to create a more compatible family member. Creating a positive environment for training your dog is the most effective way to teach him manners and obedience behaviors. I can give you the knowledge and tools you need to have a well behaved pet in your home.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 201-7080

Blissful Dog Owner
The primary reason most people have dogs is to share affection. Unfortunately for many dog owners, the thing a dog needs the most out of a relationship is not affection, but rather structure.Contact me today and let me help you find the keys to a happy relationship with your dog!
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 538-3312

Dog Secrets
All of our training programs come with unlimited lifetime support. Not just 8 weeks and you're done. Just in case you are facing new challenges down the line, we are always here to help. We even give aggressive dogs a second chance and have the experience to back it up.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 485-3647

Elite Dogs
Elite Dogs is a unique dog training and boarding facility. It features deluxe yet affordable air-conditioned and heated kennels and a swimming pool.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 372-4700

Puppy Love Dogs
Our trainers are highly skilled at working with ALL breeds of dogs and all types of problem behaviors including aggression, fear, hyper activity, and more. In addition our trainers have extensive experience and hands on training in canine behavior and obedience.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 682-6363