Top Tampa Dog Trainers

Southland Dog Training
While behavior Training revolves mostly around problem solving we also offer many choices for obedience training. The basic obedience program teaches your dog the basic commands such as the Heel, Sit, Down, Stay and Come.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (866) 418-7246

Ketch offers doggie day care, overnight dog care, obedience training. Dog Sports: Agility, flyball, and competition obedience classes. Herding lessons, freestyle, tricks, and seminars in all dog related sports.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 920-9191

Dog Training Club of Tampa
We are always striving to keep our club clean and new. The Dog Training Club of Tampa has PVC pipe ring fencing. No metal, no sharp edges, and light as a feather.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 931-7387

Florida Dog Training School
Our dog trainers are located just a short drive from your home in Pasco or Hillsborough County, FL and we will gladly come to your home and help train both you and your dog. Our dog training methods are based on praise and positive reinforcement and never use punishment to obtain results.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 996-3800

Dog Training
My unique in home training techniques have proven to get dogs back to being a calm, healthy, family pet. My unique training techniques have proven to get dogs back to their most natural state.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (727) 709-5103