Top Washington DC Dog Trainers

The Dog Shop
With decades of experience in training and behavior modification our staff can help you manage your dogs behavior and make your lives together pleasurable. The Dog Shop has different course options to choose from so that you can find a course that’s right for you.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 337-3647

Dog-ma Daycare and Boarding
Day School at Dog-ma is a two week training course which teaches your dog to respond to the commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come. A large portion of the training occurs in the surrounding neighborhood so that your dog will learn to respond around real world distractions.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 543-7805

Sidewalk Dog Training
I following the training and correction techniques of the original "Dog Whisper", Cesar Milan. These methods are gentle and most importantly effective and long lasting. Since 2004, we have been servicing the Washington DC metro area
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 276-5100

We specialize in offering private, in-home training sessions on a schedule that works for you. We will come to your house and meet with you and your dog in order to develop a lesson plan based on your needs.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 341-5302

School of Dogs
At School of Dogs we use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog. Specifically, we reward the desired behavior by providing properly timed treats which stimulates your dogs association to good behavior.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 363-2310